On March, 25-28 2008 to Leon, Mexico

XVII International congress of cardiosurgerists has taken place. (XVII CONGRESO INTERNACIONAL DE CIRUGÍA CARDIACA "CONOCIENDONOS MAS").
In the Congress program of the lectures about perftoran and its successful application in cardiosurgery in Mexico have sounded: “Perfloro carbonos (Perftec)” - Perf. Rolando Ferra Ferrer “La sangre artificial, Perftec, transportador de gases” - Dr. Adolfo Chavez Negrete

In Journal of Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery

was published the article “CLINICAL RESULTS OF THE APPLICATION OF PERFTORAN FOR THE TREATMENT OF ODONTOGENOUS ABCESSES AND PHLEGMONS IN THE MAXILLOFACIAL REGION.” Authors: E.A. Durnovo, I. V. Furman, S. Yu. Pushkin, I. A. Maslennikov, O. G. Bondar, G. R. Ivanitsky Citation information: 2008, Vol 36/3 pp 161-172 The final version of article is now available online

Research Institute

 of General Reanimatology, Russian Academy of Medical Science, Moscow.
16 November Within the framework of the All-Russia conference with the international participation "Reanimatology - a science about critical conditions", devoted to the 70th anniversary the Research Institute of General Reanimatology, is held the next forum"PERFLUOROCARBON COMPAUNDS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY ".
OJSC SPF " Perftoran" invites to take part in a forum! We wait for your bells and we shall be glad to get acquainted with everyone for whom our preparation is interesting and necessary!