• Application of "PERFTORAN", a perfluorocarbonic emulsion in combined intensive therapy of patients having grave forms of viral hepatitis B and mixed hepatitis.
    [only rus]
  • Application of preparations based on perfluorocarbonic compounds in the case of gastroduodenal hemorrhages, artificial circulation in cardiac surgery and acute intoxications by lipophilic poisons. [only rus]
  • Perftoran. Blood substitute with gas-transporting function.
    Instructions for physicians of the clinics of Acad. I.P. Pavlov State Medical University of Saint Petersburg. [only rus]
  • Application of "Perftoran" preparation for renal protection against an ischemic and reperfusion injury during transplantation.
    Меthodical recommendation No 99/51. [only rus]
  • Detoxication of the organism with the help of perfluorocarbonic compounds.
    [only rus]
  • Cytomegaloviral infection. Epidemiology, clinic, diagnosis, treatment, etc. [only rus]
  • Perftoran in intensive therapy of critical states.
    Меthodical recommendations. [only rus]
  • Prognosis and prophylaxis of grave injuries in the case of a freezing injury under the conditions of an emergency situation.
    Меthodical recommendations. [only rus]
  • Chlamydia infection. Etiology, pathogenesis, clinical characteristics, diagnosis and treatment
    Guide. Izhevsk: Expertiza, 2000 - 36 pages
    The guide is recommended for doctors, dermatovenerology refresher-course trainees, obstetricians-gynecologists, pediatricians, registrars and interns.