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News agency " Dvina-Inform ", 01.12.2006
In Arkhangelsk have handed "Gold PERFTORAN".
ИА "Dvina - Inform", Marina Levitskaja This medal awards today the head physician of the Arkhangelsk station of blood transfusion Vladimir Kononov. In total in Russia only 13 doctors and scientists are awarded with this award...

Priroda, № 8, 2005.
"Perftoran": a revolutionary combination
A.A.Nedospasov, N.V.Beda "There is nothing more practical, than the good theory" - fundamental science inevitably finds an output in practice. Alas, in native fatherland this axiom even more often appears the theorem, a problem, and even simply illusion. Perhaps, the basic researches described in this work, will allow to restore the status quo and to minimize damage from arisen disbalance.

News of Murmansk TV , 28.12.2005
The condition of the child remains to the heaviest.
Eugeny Baranovskaja. Terrible incident in Murmansk. The small child appeared in a cellar with boiled water … Now life of little Vladik supports by the preparation - bloodsubstitute - "Perftoran". In hospital its name - "Blue blood".

IZVESTIYA. 12.12.2005. № 226.
"Blue blood". As it was.
We continue the publication of memoirs IZVESTIYA’s workers different years. At the end of 1984 I was invited in A.V.Vishnevskiy Institute of Surgery: here at operation on heart for the first time applied bloodsubstitute Perftoran, developed by scientists of Biophysics Institute of Academy of Sciences the USSR. Preparing the operation, surgeons have got from a refrigerator a bottle with a bluish liquid to which should protect a myocardium. "Blue blood..." - involuntary comparison has thrust. Under such heading my article in "IZVESTIYA" also was printed, and then this name went under all publications on this theme.

The newspaper "KUZBASS" № 141 ( 23884 ), 05.08.2005
"Blue blood" saves lives.
When in area of settlement Kalininsky the driver of the locomotive has seen on tracks laying boy, he was out of consciousness, "out of pressure" and without shins of both legs. When and as there was a tragedy with seventeen-year-old Stas K. from manychildren needy family, what train appeared for him fatal, and what is the time he was without the help, having lost more than 50 percents of blood, nobody can tell. The victim nothing remembers too: in his blood was found alcohol.

PROFIL № 28 ( 442 ), 25.07.2005
All Russians become little bit blue.
Scientists of the world try to create artificial substitutes of blood. Because donor blood is not enough and its application is risky because of universal distribution of AIDS.

"Ezhenedelnik APTEKA " №27 ( 498 ), 11.07.2005
Perftoran in Ukraine.
In the beginning of 2005 in Ukraine is registered again Russian bloodsubstitute with oxygentransporting function PERFTORAN (OJSC PRF "PERFTORAN", Russia).

"Pushchinskaya Sreda" newspaper of December 15th, 2004.
At the beginning of October 2004, millions of televiewers became witnesses of a "surprising" film shown by RTR. The journalistic "investigation" under coded denomination "Blue blood. Deadly experiment" gave rise to even more rumors. This compilation formed with roughly cut out fragments of monologues pronounced by the participants of the film: scientists, physicians, relatives of victims, former agents of special services left an oppressive impression reinforced by absurdity of "versions" and by attempts to support them. The absurdity was not even disguised which was emphasized by the hypotheses expressed (the author of perftoran was an American and Japanese spy, the USSR was an American biological proving ground), by associations such as Beloyartsev - Ustinov - Stalin and by traces of boots having the mark "Z" (probably, Zorro?), the obvious incompetence in scientific and medical matters and the prejudicial character of the presentation giving rise to the idea of existence of people interested in such activity.
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AiF Health, issue 52 (540) of December 23, 2004
What is the blood to be substituted with.
Blood transfusion saved millions of lives. However, transfusion of whole blood is harmful and, which is more, dangerous for life. And until now, there is still no solution to be able to replace the red liquid circulating in our veins. Nevertheless, physicians can save the patient's life even in case of loss of 70% of blood
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"LAVR", Fifth National Prize in the field of non fiction film pictures and television: nominations are announced.
Jury of "LAVR", a National Prize in the field of non fiction pictures and television announced final participants as a result of a vote that took place on December 3rd, 2004 in the RF Cinematographers' Union. Nominations of "LAVR-2004" were as follows:
Nomination No 5 (the best popular-science film)
"LAVR" Studio, "First channel", film "Blue Blood", 2004, 26 minutes.
Screen script author - Lev Roshal, Producer - Irina Lanina, Svetlana Rezvushkina, Cameraman - Anatoly Petriga, Sergey Litovets. Music by Igor Nazaruk, Alexey Yarkin. Director - Svetlana Rezvushkina.
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Search, Science, 19.11.2004
Truth? Get it away!
Unsoundness of figments against Professor Felix Beloyartsev was fully demonstrated. Who decided to defame on television, some years later, the memory of one of the authors of the unique preparation?
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Liberty Radio, 08-11-04
We watch TV.
Documentary television and interpretation of reality.
Аuthor and narrator Anna Kachkayeva
Visitors: Svetlana Rezvushkina, documentary cinema worker, producer; Simon Shnol, MSU Professor, biophysicist; Irina Petrovskaya, "Izvestia" newspaper reviewer
…let's pass to two documentary films the premieres of which took place in October with some days' difference at the "First" and the "Second" Russian TV channels. The film of the "First" was named "Blue blood", and the other film shown next to the previous one had the name "Secret of the "blue blood". And both of them told about Professor Beloyartsev who had dealt with the development of a blood substitute that was identified as perftoran by scientists.
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Volgograd Branch of GU MNTK "Eye Microsurgery", 29.10.2004
One of the last achievements of the department resides in the introduction of the procedure of intravenous injection of "Perftoran" emulsion called "blue blood", which allows to considerably increase treatment efficiency and to improve the vision in patients with heavy original condition of eyes.
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Izvestia.RU 15.10.04
Experimental people.
Last week, the "Russia" channel showed a documentary film "The secret of blue blood". And only some days earlier a film with practically the same name, "Blue blood", was broadcast by the "First" channel. I am sure the spectator that watched both films stays in deep perplexity: where is the truth, who is to be trusted, who is right and who is guilty?
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Rossiyskaya Gazeta, April 27th, 2004
What is the cost of a drop of blood?
To rescue a patient, physicians have to give their own blood.

God forbid anyone to see a child that has overturned on itself a bucketful of boiling water. It was my niece. After two weeks' struggle of the physicians in Mednogorsk, the child was transferred to the scald department of the 4th city hospital of Orenburg. It was only then that I knew the acute shortage of donors' blood in the city, human life sometimes hanging by a thread for lack of such blood.
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КYRGHYZINFO. 28.04.2004
For the first time in Central Asia, Kirghizean physicians transfused artificial blood to a child.
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Аrgumenty i Fakty, issue 12 (1221) оf March 24, 2004
In the slough of "Blue blood".
A message came from the USA: artificial blood is about to be patented there. Meanwhile it has already been known in Russia as "blue blood' for more than 25 years. The history of its creation is tragic and the end can become quite scandalous…
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Тrud-7 No 31 of 19.02.2004
Discovery paid in blood.
Medical sensation buried in scientific disputes.

Recently American scientists have announced a high-sounding sensation similar, at their point of view, to the first flight to the Moon. A universal substitute of human blood has been invented that can be stored, contrary to real ruby-colored liquid, for as much as one wants and can be transported without prejudice to the quality of the "product".
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Rossiyskaya Gazeta, February 6, 2004
Stream of life. Artificial blood, is it a myth or reality?
Japanese scientists created universal artificial blood having a unique blood group. We are not afraid anymore of profuse hemorrhages, insults, hypertension, hemophilia? We won't need blood donors anymore?
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Каliningradskaya Pravda, No 16, February 12, 2004
"Blue blood" was born in Russia.
The preparation developed in the town of Pushchino, Moscow region, rescued Anya Grishina, a five years old child, and 200 Russian soldiers in Afghanistan. Today American scientists call it their "know-how".
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Independent civic and political newspaper "Volyn", No 89, 2003.
Is the death better than alien's blood?
"Doctors spoiled me", - said Maria Karpyuk to whom physicians transfused 20 liters of blood taken from 60 donors. The woman is a believer of the Jehovah Witnesses Church and blames blood transfusion for religious reasons.
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"Kuzbass" newspaper No 199 оf 28.10.2003
"Blue blood" for the little Oleg.
Professionalism of Kemerovo's toxicologists and application of Perftoran, a Russian blood substitute, saved the life of a two years aged boy.
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SOVIET, October 23, 2003, No 55
How the blue blood made its way.
The story which is going to be told looks today almost common, due to our time changing so fast and so full of critical events. But in the early eighties, a celebrated case about the development and creation of perftoran, a blood substitute with gas-carrying function (the journalists called "blue blood" this preparation of pale azure color), about complete liquidation of a team of researchers, about the death of Professor Felix Fedorovich Beloyartsev, its chief, as well as the subsequent events were known in the whole country.

Gorodissky and Partners, Information bulletin No 2 (11), 2002.
Why do you want to know my name? … The history of Perftoran.
On May 23, 2002, in the Rospatent Chamber of Appeals, an objection against the registration of the Trade Mark "Perftoran" was examined.
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"Меdical Newspaper", No 46, June 19, 2002
They came into being physicians.
Russia celebrated the Health Workers' Day by presenting the national award "Recognition" to the best physicians of Russia.
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"Weekly Journal" 12-12-2002
"Blue blood"
The only World's artificial blood that is really applied in medicine is produced in a former garage, a hundred kilometers away from Moscow.
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Kuzbass newspaper, No 125 (08.07.99)
Idealized dream of physicians
Sergey Lutsev suffered more than the others from methane explosion that happened at "Krasnogorskaya" Mine in March. When he was brought to the resuscitation department of the regional clinical orthopedic surgical hospital for recovery treatment, he had a full range of injuries, each one of them being very grave: burn of the face and of the hands, a lung injury, an open femur fracture.
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